How to Save a Lot of Money While College Shopping

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If you’ve already started shopping for college in the fall, then you’re probably well aware of how quickly the costs can add up. You’re basically moving out of your comfy home and into a whole new place, where you’ll need your own dishes, cleaning supplies, mini fridge, rug, and if you’re going all out you might get everything new like I did.

Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll see how you easy it can be to save a LOT of money by choosing a little differently while shopping.

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Shopping at Walmart instead of Target

Trust me, I know the temptation is real when you walk into Target and it has basically everything you’ve ever wanted. However, Target can really rack that price up fast. Now I know the common perception is that you should shop at Target because everything is higher quality than Walmart. That’s a seriously false perception, so don’t let them trick you into thinking that. I bought almost everything I needed from Walmart for my Freshman year, and everything is still standing to this day and I’ll be using most of it next year as well.

Some of the major differences between the two stores is the bedding costs. At Target you’re looking at $50-$60 for a twin XL bedset, while at Walmart you can get some really cute ones for $25. Also, at Target I’ve never seen any pillows for less than $20. Maybe they’re out there, but to this day all I’ve ever seen is $19.99 or higher. At Walmart you can get pillows for $5. I bought a $5 gray pillow to use this year and I’m in love with it.

Shopping at Goodwill or Other Thrift Stores

Something not everyone knows about Goodwill is that it isn’t all thrifted items they’re selling. Target sends Goodwill all of it’s products that aren’t sellable, either because it’s been on clearance for too long or because it was returned and they can’t put it back out. It’s always a hit or miss when it comes to Goodwill, but sometimes you can find some really great stuff. I got a brand new comforter from Goodwill that was originally from Target. I paid $10 for the comforter, while it was most likely around $60 originally.

DIY Your Dorm Decorations

Making your own decorations can be a lot of fun, and there’s lots of different projects out there to do. It can also be a great way to meet your future roommate for the next year! Try suggesting to them some projects that you could get together and do for your room, that way you’ll be able to start bonding before the stress of moving in comes.

If you search Pinterest you’re bound to find lots of projects out there, but here’s a link to my favorite post. It’s got 100 DIY projects you can look through and think about doing for your own room, meanwhile saving lots of money. My favorite DIY is taking a cardboard and cutting it into a shape you want, then covering it with fabric to make your own pinboard.

Decide What You Need and What You Want

I would highly recommend buying things you need first when you’re going on your shopping spree. Don’t spend all your money on cute pillows and decorations when you still don’t have notebooks or pencils for classes. Remember the reason you’re going to college is because of the classes, not how good you’ll look in your new college clothes. After you’ve gotten all of your essentials then you can start thinking about the other wants in your list.

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Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’ve liked the tips I had for you. If you wanna subscribe to future posts about college life, dating, classes, and more, then go ahead and hit the follow button on the right side of the page!


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