How to Prepare for the First Day of College Classes

prepare 1st day

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When it comes to things I’m excited for, I’m a total preparing freak. I love being as ready as possible, and maybe some of you do too! I’m going to be sharing with you what I’ll be doing to prepare for my classes, and how that’s helped me overall. Starting college can be so stressful the first few days, so it’s good to be ready to go!

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Read the Course Description and Syllabus

The first thing I do when I want to prepare is read the course description and find keywords. For example, I’ll be in a management class this upcoming semester, and the course description says it’ll be covering the basics of strategic management. After I find those keywords I look them up and maybe even start getting familiar with them. This is especially helpful for the little nerds in us that want to know what to say when the professor asks if anyone knows what the terms mean!

If you have the option to, I would highly recommend reading the syllabus and writing down in your planner the due date for all the assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, and so on. I’m not able to access my syllabus until I’m on campus but if you are able to then I’d say go for it!

Order Your Textbooks and Buy School Supplies

When it comes to buying textbooks and supplies, my advice is to be very careful. I don’t believe you should buy every book they say you need, because it can be a huge waste of money. I’d recommend trying to find it online for free first, for example my second semester of freshmen year I used an online pdf version of my textbook. If you can’t find it online then ask around, if you know anyone who took the class, and ask how much you’ll need the book. Lastly, if you feel you really really need it then I would definitely rent it rather than buying it, so you won’t have to deal with trying to sell it later.

As far as school supplies, sometimes you don’t need a notebook or a folder for a certain class. Other times you need more than that, like a certain binder or if you’re taking bio classes then you might need a certain notebook. I would buy a folder to put all the paperwork you’ll get the first few days into, and one notebook to write down all the first day notes. After that you can decide what you’ll need for each class and make a Walmart run!

Find Where Your Class Is

If you can I would recommend walking around campus as soon as possible and finding where each of your classes are. This helps me so much with nerves on the first day! It makes everything so much easier when you already know where to go instead of having to navigate the hallways and possibly be late your first day of class. Also, if the door is unlocked then walk into the room and get comfortable with it. It’ll make the room feel more familiar when you come back which will help you feel more at ease.

Pick Out Your Outfits, Make Friends Early, etc.

My school has a Facebook group for our class (class of 2020!), and if yours has the same then you could post what classes you’ll be taking in the fall, and ask if anyone else is taking the same class as you. This way you can become acquainted with who you’ll be with and maybe you can message some and start building friendships! This will help a lot especially if you don’t know anyone at your school. Also being friends with those in your classes is a lifesaver when you need someone to study with or get notes from!

My favorite thing to do before classes is picking out all of my outfits for the first few days. It’s good to look nice so you’ll make a good first impression, not only with your fellow classmates but your professors as well. Your professors can really help later on in your college career so you should want to look presentable and put together.

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Thanks so much for reading, and if you have any other helpful tips let me know!


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