How To Use Tailwind Tribes as a College Blogger

tailwind tribes

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Okay, so if you’re a blogger and you’ve been on Pinterest lately then I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of posts lately about Tailwind and how it can help boost your blog audience. I’m someone who is pretty new to blogging and so I was immediately intrigued.

Basically is a website that allows you to schedule your pins for later, so you can easily set them up at one time for the pins to show at different points of the day. However the website is currently trying a new feature called Tribes, where Pinterest users can join and when they’re on the website they’ll see all the things that the tribe members post, and you yourself can post your own content. However every time you post something you have to repin someone else’s content. This allows bloggers to reach such a higher audience because they’re getting repinned much more often. I’ve seen posts about how Tailwind has become the #1 promoter for their blog!

Now this all sounds great, right? Well while I was reading all about this I realized that I couldn’t find any tribes for college bloggers. Since that’s what I am, I decided I’d go ahead and make one myself! It’s free to join the first month and after that it’s $10 a month. The tribe is called College Life and it’s really just all about promoting each other and helping the college blogging community to grow! So if you’re interesting in expanding your audience then I would highly suggest clicking my link to be invited.

Click here to join my tribe!

I hope that you all join and that your blogs can grow better from it! I am not being paid by Tailwind at all for any of this, I just really believe that everyone joining this and repinning each other is such a great way to help the community out. Thanks!


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