My Fall Semester Bucket List

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For the upcoming semester I really want to try to be more goal-oriented! My freshman year went well, however I feel like I could have done so much more than I had. We only get four years at college and then it’s time for the real world, so we have to make it fun while we can! Here’s a list of everything I’d like to do, both fun and serious, during the fall semester.

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“Serious” Goals

1. Get A’s in all of my classes

A major issue I had with freshman year was that I went into it feeling like, okay well I’ll try the best I can and if I get a few bad grades it won’t matter. Let me tell you something, it so does matter! Not only for your GPA, but also for the sake of your education. Getting by is really doing you a disservice, because you’re basically paying to get half the education you deserve. I plan to learn as much as I can and use this stuff later on in life!

2. Become friends with at least four new people

College is really a great place to meet people who are your age and have similar interests as you, I cannot stress this enough. The friends you make now could possibly last a lifetime, so make it count! I want to try my best to branch out, which is scary for little introverted me, however I think it’ll have such a good outcome.

3. Go to football games

Okay, so my freshman year I only went to one football game, I only stayed for half of it, and I ended up napping for most of that half. I was extremely sour at first when I realized that college football games are not going to be like high school ones! They’re not going to be at night, and it’s going to be hot hot hot. I was so overheated at the game I went to that I didn’t even try to have a good time. This semester I really want to try to have a good time no matter what, even if it means sticking ice packs down my pants!

4. Try to dress nice every day

So you can probably see by now that there’s a pattern to these goals, and it’s all things I wish I did differently my freshman year. I wore leggings and a t-shirt almost every day, and oh how I wish I could take it back. I really think that the way you dress says a lot about who you are, and you should want to take the time out to look decent. This doesn’t mean buying the most expensive clothes, I buy a lot of basics at Walmart!

5. Go on a spontaneous road trip

Sometimes at college you just need to kick back, forget about all your homework, and take a trip somewhere! If you want to make it extra spontaneous, then don’t have a destination in mind while driving, instead just pick random roads until you stumble across a fun looking place to stop. Bring some friends, music, and focus on making memories!

6. Visit someone else at their school

I’ve done this one before and I think it’s really fun! It’s cool to be able to get out of your campus and explore a different one. My school is a little different from most universities, including the fact that we don’t have any frats or sororities, and so I love being able to experience a different college life for a night.

7. Enjoy myself when I got out

If you’ve ever been to a party, then you probably know that they can be a bust sometimes. I’ve gone to plenty of parties where I wasn’t feeling it from the start and ended up having a terrible time. When you go into a party with a bad attitude, everything is going to seem gross to you. However if you go in thinking you’re gonna have a great night and just let loose, then you could have an incredible night! Parties are always going to be gross, crowded, and too much dancing, so it’s up to you to make it fun.

8. Apply for an internship

Next summer I would love to be able to intern somewhere, not only because it’ll look good on a resume but for the experience! I think that people need to get into their field as soon as possible so you know what you’ll be doing the rest of your life! It would suck if you interned once junior year, realized you hated your career field, and it was too late to switch majors. So do it as soon and as many times as possible!

9. Start a motivation wall

If you don’t know what a motivation wall is, it’s basically a collage of pictures reminding you of your goals. Some of my long-term goals include becoming a graphic designer, being more fit and healthy, having a more positive outlook, and change my style for the better. I’d like to get pictures, either printed out or from magazines, that remind me of all these goals and hang them on my bulletin board in my dorm. This way, anytime you’re feeling uninspired or if you’re procrastinating, all you have to do is look at your motivation wall and remember why you need to get this stuff done.

Fun Goals

10. Kiss in the library

There’s something about the cliche of kissing in the library that makes it seem so scandalous. It’s something that’s been featured in Taylor Swift music videos as well as many, many high school movies, and it’s something I’d love to do. Luckily I have a boyfriend so I’m halfway there, and all I need to do is find a good aisle to hide in!

11. Steal a sign

My freshman year I knew lots of people who did this. At the time Trump was running for president so it was mostly kids stealing Trump signs from neighboring lawns, and then sticking them on the walls in the common room. I also knew some people who would steal random campus signs and hang them up in their room. It’s something that seems like fun, and it’d be kind of cool to hang in a dorm room! If I find a sign that matches my decor, then I think I get bonus points. 🙂

12. Steal a tray and go sledding

If you’ve seen Gilmore Girls, then this is most likely a goal of yours as well. However let me tell you that it is not an easy thing to do at my school. We have a very strict no food leaving the dining hall rule, so I’d imagine it’d be even harder to somehow steal a tray. We don’t even have cafeteria trays like high schools do, however I’m planning on somehow getting by and crossing this off my bucket list.

13. Have a water balloon fight

This will definitely be something to do towards the beginning of the fall semester, or if we’re really feeling crazy, during the freezing cold end of semester time. I haven’t had a water balloon fight since I was little, and college is all about recreating things you’d do as a kid, right? I mean we’re all just kids pretending to be adults when we’re in class anyways.

14. Stay out all night long

This is still, not surprisingly, something I’ve never done. I love sleep. I love it so much, and when it hits around 2 am every night I am out. I’ve tried before to stay out longer, but it always comes to a point where I’m cranky and not in the mood to go any further. So my last goal for the fall semester is to have at least one night where I stay out til the sun rises, and enjoy every single minute of it.


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