How to Pack for Move In Day

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Okay so, story time people. Before my freshman year I was just so excited and I ended up buying soo much stuff, and every time I bought something I would immediately put it into a cardboard box not to be seen again until move in day. When move in day did come I ended up having an insane number of cardboard boxes to throw away, and it probably took me around 5 hours to unpack everything. I hadn’t opened anything I bought before moving in, and because of that there was a lot of time spent taking things out of their packages. Also, finding a place for everything? Probably the most stressful five hours ever, which isn’t good for your first day of college.

I’ve changed everything this year in order to make move in day as simple as possible. Here is my advice not only to myself, but to anyone else who wants to have an easy and stress-free move in day!

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Packing similar things together

  • Are you bringing a shower caddy? Pack all of your shower and beauty stuff in the shower caddy before move in.
  • Pack your desk organizer (I recommend either a small drawer organizer or a DIY) with needed supplies, such as pens, pencils, erasers, markers, scissors, post its, and so on.
  • If you’re bringing cleaning supplies (which I think you should) then get a bin to store them all, which will make for easy cleaning in your dorm. Pack the bin full of disinfectant wipes, window cleaner, mirror cleaner, etc. The bin can be stored under your bed for taking out quickly.
  • Any under-bed storage can be packed before moving in, so any bins that will be filled with extra clothes, shoes, blankets, etc. This means when you arrive you can easily slide it under the bed without worrying about unpacking.

You can use these tips to think about other ways to pack similar things ahead of time, such as makeup, school books, dishes and utensils, and so on.

Leaving your clothes on their hangers

I’m sure you’ve seen this tip before on Pinterest, but it’s honestly fantastic and is too good not to include here. Take a good chunk of your clothes in your closet and slide a garbage bag over them from the bottom, so that the closing is where the hangers are. Then you simply tie the bag closed and bam, you have clothes that are stored and ready to go. Once you get to your closet in your new dorm room you can hang the clothes up and take the garbage bag off. This will save you probably a good hour or two of taking your clothes out of bins and hanging them up.

Think about what you’ll be provided with when arriving

Most dorm rooms come with a closet, bed, desk, and dresser. And unfortunately, there won’t be room for much else. Think about what you want to put in your dresser, and pack accordingly. Instead of throwing all of your folded clothes into a bin or a plastic bag, try separating them specific to each drawer. If you know exactly how many drawers it’ll have then you can get even more precise. This way you’ll be able to easily take the clothes from your storage to their drawer.

After thinking about your dresser, think about your closet. Is there room for a shoe bin underneath? How many clothes can you hang up? Pack all closet things together so you can unpack them easily. Then think about your desk, and what you’ll be storing in those drawers. Take a box and put everything you know will be in those drawers and place them together. Again if you can separate them specific to each drawer, then it’ll be even easier.

Finally, think about your bed. Your bed will have a lot of room for storage underneath, however it isn’t provided. This is where you’ll have the most ease when unpacking, because everything that will be under the bed should already be in their containers prior to moving in.

Aside from the four pieces of furniture provided, you’ll probably have room for a minifridge and one rolling storage cart, and that’s it. You can pack your storage cart early, and any food that’ll be in the minifridge should be bought the day-of or kept in a mini-cooler.

Minimalism is the best way to go

Being in college is the perfect time to practice minimalism, which is a huge trend for a good reason. I’m personally the type to want everything and let go of nothing, but doing this will leave you feeling cluttered and unorganized. For a refreshing and clean looking dorm room it’s important to stick to the essentials and avoid going overboard. I have a specific place for everything I use, and I have one drawer dedicated to miscellaneous things.


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